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As we know in the internet world we need to take all steps to grow our market, so why not use this, which is having more than 2 billion users worldwide, take advantage of social and business. like you, I was also wondering how to start with WhatsApp Business, I will share the step by step detail on how I explored to get started with WhatsApp Business. So let’s start in practical, follow with me, keep your mobile in hand and add your business details.

Steps to setup WhatsApp Business:
Take your Mobile and install WhatsApp Business, check whether you are installing the right app from “WhatsApp Inc” Agree and Verify as same as you do for your Whatsapp,
Fill in the required details, Like Company Name, Select the category and write the Description.

Go to the top-right menu and click on Business tools

Click on Business Profile to edit, 

Update ur Profile Photo mean ur 🙂 business logo,
Add the long Description I think you can type around 512 characters,
Add your Business address if you have a local Store or skip this,
Add your business hours, this may require right,
You can also add an email and 2 website addresses, but in this case, I was having more websites so I added only my main website name rest I added in Description, So once everything is done don’t forget to save it, you will find that option at the top right.

How to Create product & Service Catalog and start selling
After fallowing the above steps go back to the Business tools and now click on Catalogue

Let’s Create a Product or Service for selling, now click on the “ADD ITEM” button
1 Add Images 
2 Add your Item Name
3 Price is (optional)
4 click on more options and Add, 
5 Description (optional)
6 Link  (optional)
7 Item code (optional) and don’t forget to save (at top right)

Done, you have successfully created a catalog with me. Now to add more you can see + plus round icon 

Click and continue adding your product and service list all you see in this catalog listing.

Now, let’s move on to Messaging tools:
Take the advantage of Auto Reply messages in WhatsApp business.
Go to Business tools and click on Away message

Activate Send away message by tapping on the switch
This will help you to set Auto Reply when you’re away, it is a great tool I added the auto-reply like “Thank you for your message, our team will reach you back ASAP… ” type the message according to your Business.
Don’t forget to click on OK to save it,
you can also click on Schedule to select the option like Always send or Custom schedule or Outside of business hours
You can also click the option of Recipients to mention who receives your away message, either Everyone or Everyone not in the address book or Everyone except… (you can select your contacts) or you can also click on the Only send to…  (you can select your contacts)
Like Away message you can also send Greeting message for the Recipients either for Everyone or Everyone not in the address book or Everyone except… (you can select your contacts) or you can also click on the Only send to…  (you can select your contacts) follow the same steps like away message and save it.

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